5 Sister's mom

What's in the Bottle!

5 Sisters Spirit Vodka® is a corn based premium vodka, six times distilled, gluten free, with no added sugar. This unique proprietary vaporization step is a family loved recipe. 

A Crisp Drop of Irish Sass In Every Glass!

5 Sister's mom

About Us

5 Sisters Spirit Vodka® is family owned and distilled in Jacksonville, Florida. We are 5 Sisters originally from Ireland - Lynda, Michelle, Mary Jane, Aine, and Sarah Culhane. We created a Sister's brand that promotes happy times and connections with friends and family. We each have our own favorite handcrafted cocktail as unique as our own story! 
5 Sisters Spirit Vodka® is the embodiment of the significant principles that the we hold dear to our hearts. We believe that when you work hard, you can achieve anything with a wee bit of luck! We are grateful for the simple but important things in life, faith, work, family, friends, and craic!

Our unique and inspiring story began in Shanagolden, County Limerick, in rural Ireland in the 1970s. Growing up on a dairy farm and working the land, we were taught the value of hard work and respect. Honesty and integrity were instilled in us at an early age, and we carry these pivotal life lessons into each and every day. We enjoyed our summers with our grandparents in Beale Strand, Ballybunion, Ireland. Picking periwinkles embedded in the seaweed off the cliffs is one of the most vivid memories from our childhood. We enjoyed a simple, fun, and humble lifestyle, full of love and Irish tradition. 
Through perseverance, we are living the American Dream. 
With this bottle, we are sharing our incredible story with you.



Our goal is to distribute 5 Sisters Spirit Vodka® locally to our Florida market, then expand throughout the nation as demand increases, and of course our "Home Land" where the magic all began!